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How open bowling is billed

We get a lot of questions about how we charge for our open bowling services. We are grateful to provide this page, which we hope will answer these questions.

Open Bowling is available at Bowling Depot either on a per-game basis or timed basis. Shoe rental where applicable is charged per person per visit.

Game basis

Select game based bowling for these scenarios:

  • First ever time bowling (we would recommend to start with one game - if you like it and have energy, you can order another game).
  • If your group has any young children.
  • If you do not want to feel rushed to get a goal number of games in.
  • If you will be making a major meal purchase such as multiple pizzas to enjoy while bowling.
  • If your group consists of smokers who will likely smoke between games.
  • Your group may have people arriving later who may want to join in a subsequent game.
  • A "goofy bowl" game is planned.
  • You have any free game coupons that are valid at Bowling Depot.
  • When it is a plan that each person in a group will pay individually for their share of the lane.
  • If more than six bowlers are going to bowl on the same lane (this is not recommended due to space constraints).

The price per game is considered as per person per game, where each game is ten frames of play. Allow approximately ten minutes per person on the lane to bowl one game. Add time per game if young children are involved. You may reduce time per game if all bowlers are adults or older children that have bowled before.

Each complete filling of the computer scoreboard constitutes one game for each person listed on the scoreboard.

In Figure 1, each person involved in the game pays the regular price (currently $6.25) to bowl one game (assumption is that all bowlers are adults).

If you have a "get 2 games free" coupon from Entertainment, SUTP or other specially marked resources provided by Bowling Depot, two of the games for one person are free provided at least two of the games in the group are regular price. Please refer The coupon does NOT entitle the entire group to two free games each. Your maximum pre-tax savings will be $12.50.

Figure 1 - 5 people - one game. One game with shoes per person is $9.60 (adult)/$9.35 (child) plus tax.

There is no limit to the number of games that can be purchased, provided the games can be completed before closing time or when the lane must be clear for league, tournament or other commitments.

Timed Bowling

Select timed bowling for these scenarios (timed bowling is not recommended for families with young children):

  • Group events such as church outings, staff parties, birthdays, bridal showers - all lanes would be done about the same time. For large groups, consider our numerous two-hour options in Group Rates.
  • Whenever you have a fixed time such as an hour to bowl - and then after you have to be at another destination.
  • If you want to play specialty games such as Bingo, Odd/Even, 3-6-9, or Low Game.

A timed lane rental offers a single rate (plus applicable shoe rental) that allows a group to use a single lane for a fixed time. We offer one hour and two hour rentals.

After payment is made, the clock will start in either five minutes or when the first ball reaches the front of the pin deck (whatever happens first). After the clock starts, the lane operates for the time span as purchased. When the time is elapsed, the lane turns off. There are time warnings shown on the screen at 15 minutes before shut off and 5 minutes before shut off. If a timed lane is renewed, the group can continue from where they left off. However to get the two-hour rate, two hours must be purchased in one transaction.

If time runs out in the middle of an individual's turn (second or third ball), the lane shuts down once that turn is done. Should time run out as the first ball of a turn goes down the lane, it will not be scored.